One of the biggest changes to working lives brought about by the Covid pandemic, has been the sudden and rapid reliance on virtual platforms for meetings and communication. In some cases, people are now wondering if we will need to meet face to face at all?

Zoom and Teams have been vital in enabling us to stay connected when we were all so isolated from our normal contacts. They will have their place in the future and maybe the default position will be to hold virtual meetings. But there will still be occasions when holding a face to face meeting will be required.

In formal HR meetings, it is always going to be more effective to have a face to face meeting. Ensuring that a process is fair and that everyone has had the chance to put their case, is only really possible around a table. Meetings about sensitive issues are also likely to be more effective face to face. It is possible but certainly more difficult, to show empathy over a small screen.

However, one of the positives will be that meetings can take place more quickly as factoring in travel time, or finding a place to meet, are no longer issues.

Maybe as with many things in life, there will be a time and a place for virtual meetings and a time and a place for in person communication.