I have always loved Human Resources work and so after taking voluntary redundancy in 1999, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to establish my own HR consultancy. We have now been up and running for 23 years and I am still passionate about helping our clients solve their people issues. A lot has changed since I started the business and people are undoubtedly more willing to pursue complaints against their employers. The other big change is that employers now often want to get serious complaints of harassment, discrimination or bullying investigated by a third party. We undertake many investigations like this, providing a report with conclusions and recommendations for action to resolve the issues raised.

We work as a flexible resource with our clients as and when they need us and can provide a fully outsourced HR support service. We have always offered training in HR skills and now this is delivered live via Zoom as well as face to face. We can also offer on demand training courses so that people can work through their training as and when they have the time.

Whatever times we are in we still provide the same professional and bespoke service which we have always provided.

Get in touch if you think we can help with your people issues.