Communicating with remote teams

As with managing people in an office, you have a range of ways to communicate with your teams. When your people are remote, it is even more important to think about the best way to communicate. Think about how you would communicate the following:

You have received a customer complaint?

It will be much better to handle this by Zoom or Teams to make sure you have a really meaningful conversation. It is also fair to the employee to give them the best possible way of responding to the complaint. Do not use email for this sort of issue!

Your employee has been awarded ‘Employee of the Month’

Again, this should be done either on the phone or by video link. Often, we just send an email but you want to reward and encourage more of the behaviour that has led to the award.

It is a good idea to have a daily, virtual ‘huddle’ where your first question is ‘how are you feeling today?’